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One Shot RP Group

Everyone Loves a Quickie

One Shot RPing
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Welcome to the One Shot Anime RP group!

What is One Shot RP?

Some folks just don't have the stamina to keep RPing the same character day in and day out in an online RPG. Plus, sometimes RPGs die. Or, they get stale because you end up playing the same tired scenarios with the same three people, or the same three characters. Sometimes, there's that one person who is just driving you crazy, and you just hate the fact that your character is, in some way, linked with theirs.

One-Shot-RP comes to the rescue. You post as a character once, RP through Livejournal, and then never have to RP that character again.

Although One-Shot-RP does lose out on the continual story of RPGs which are ongoing over weeks and months, it's a good way to get your RP fix without having to make a pact with an RP which could go sour at any time.

Sounds great. How can I join?

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to join the group, since adult-themed posts are allowed.
  • Then, join the community. Although admission is moderated, we currently are OPEN to all admissions. This may change in the future.

What are the rules?

1) All RP posts must include the standard header. (See below.)

2) No Out-of-character replies are allowed to RP posts.

3) Begging for RP partners on the community is not allowed. If no one responds to your RP post, that's just the way it is.

4) RPers may blatantly ignore replies which do not fit their header request.

5) Adult RP situations MUST be place behind an LJ-Cut with appropriate warnings.

6) Non-RP posts to the community are allowed. However, please keep them brief and civil.

7) At this time, only Anime characters are allowed at One Shot RP. This means that you may NOT play your favorite J-Pop star, a character from your favorite book (unless that book happens to have been made into an anime), a character from a Live Action television show, etc. Anime, by the way, is made in Japan. So, yes, unfortunately this means no American Cartoon characters, either.

8) You are your own policeman and your own moderator for RP! The moderators of this community will not help you if no one wants to RP with you due to your own obnoxiousness, stupidity, or abrasiveness.

9) Please do not enter a RP thread if you see that the character limit has already been filled.

10) RP for this community will be typically be done in first-person present tense. As in, "I go to the supermarket and begin to look for cookie dough. Hm. While I am here, maybe I should also get some soda. Whew, it smells funky in here!"

If you wish for your RP to be done in a different format, such as third-person persent tense, please add a "Format" tag to your header, and specify the format. Responders are asked to keep to first-person present tense unless otherwise specified by a "Format" label.

11) We ask that you only start/request ONE RP Scenario per person, per day. Though, you may be participating in as many RP Scenarios as you wish.

12) No one owns a specific character. If 10 different people want to start scenarios as Naruto, so be it.

13) You can set up a journal just for RPing, if you want. However, if you want to RP through your personal journal, that's alright, too.

14) If you don't know the anime listed in the RP Scenario, DO NOT REPLY.

What's the standard "RP Scenario Header"?

When you post a beginning for a One-Shot-RP scenario, you should include the following header:

Character: (This is the character you're playing.)
Setting: (A brief description of the time and location for your RP scenario.)
Seeking: (This is what sort of character(s) you'd like to RP with. You can request "any", which means that anyone playing any character from any other anime can RP with you. "Same anime" means that you'd like ONLY characters from the same anime as yours to RP with you. You can also list specific characters you'd like to RP with. But, remember, the more specific you make your request, the less likely it is that someone will reply.
Character Limit: Sometimes you want more than one person to be able to enter your scenario. You can name your limit for responding characters in this field. This number is how many people, besides yourself, can enter your scenario.
Rating: Put the highest level of rating you'd be comfortable with in this field. G is General Audiences. Other ratings are PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. Anything goes in NC-17.
Contact: (Optional field) For if you want people to be able to contact you.
Genre: (Optional field) For if you wish to specify a certain genre of RP, such as romance, angst, action or humor.

RP Responses to scenario posts MUST include the name of the character you will be playing in the subject line.

That's all for now! Have fun with your RP!