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Gravitation RP.

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Jul. 11th, 2005 | 01:48 pm
posted by: angrybee in oneshotrp

Character: Sakuma Ryuichi
Setting: Somewhere in NG, sometime during the rise of Bad Luck and after the reformation of Nittle Grasper.
Seeking: Any
Character Limit: Two more characters.
Rating: Up to R.
Genre: Any
Format: Third person, past tense.


Sakuma Ryuichi was looking cool. Sakuma Ryuichi was -always- looking cool. But, today he was looking especially cool because he had a new pair of sunglasses. Not only did he have a new pair of sunglasses, but Kumagoro had a new pair of sunglasses as well. Needless to say, both Ryuichi and Kumagoro had matching sunglasses.

Ryuichi was wearing his glasses INSIDE NG, because he was just that cool. Unfortunately, these glasses were very dark, and caused Ryuichi to become very lost on his way to the cafeteria to find pudding. Because of this, Ryuichi had decided to go up to everything he -thought- might be a person and ask them:

"Um, where's the pudding?"

He'd already asked a water fountain and a vending machine, and neither of them had any idea. Kumagoro suggested that Ryuichi just take the sunglasses off, but Ryuichi vetoed the idea. If he wasn't walking around with cool sunglasses, then today was just like any other day. And Ryuichi liked days that were full of adventure. And singing.

So, Ryuichi walked up to yet another object, and asked again.

"Where's the pudding?"

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Comments {25}

Seguchi Tohma

from: chichaiwa
date: Jul. 13th, 2005 10:46 pm (UTC)

Actually...that didn't sound too bad at all. Heading home in the middle of the day, lying down in his house, on his couch, in something much more comfortable than his suit...and eating some nice delivery. Five star delivery even. Everyone, whether they did take-out or not, delivered food to Tohma's house.

Of course, this also involved him leaving work early to sit around idly. And if Ryuichi was going to be with him, that meant no work was going to get done. He loved his friend to death...but it was hard to read the accounting reports with a particularly loud pink bunny hanging over your shoulder.

Oh well. He'd sleep...later. Yeah. Later that month.

"I think it's better for us to go to a nearby restaurant, Ryuichi-san. What kind of food do you want? How does Italian sound?" There were only a thousand Italian restaurants in Tokyo.

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