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Yami no Matsuei RP

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Feb. 19th, 2006 | 03:49 pm
posted by: veleda_rp in oneshotrp

Series: Yami no Matsuei
Character: Kurosaki Hisoka
Setting: Juocho, sometime after the Kyoto Arc, but before the Gensoukai Arc. (If going by manga timeline. I'll be happy with either anime or manga canon.)
Seeking: Any of the shinigami or either of the Gushoshin
Character Limit: None
Rating: R
Contact Info: veleda@sailormoon.com

Darn it, I can't believe how much paperwork I have to do. Of course, if a certain someone would do his half of the work, I wouldn't be in this position.

On the other hand, with Tsuzuki gone there's a blessed quiet. No one to complain about Tatsumi-san's stinginess, no one to try and force some sickeningly sweet desert down my throat, no one to whine about his tiny paychecks (which are his own fault anyway). All right, I guess that the peace and quiet is worth the irritation of Tsuzuki running off to avoid doing any actual work.

As long as he isn't gone too long.

I've got to get started on these forms. God know that soon enough Tsuzuki will come bounding in, his arms full of sweets, or Watari-san will want me to drink one of his insane potions, or Tatsumi-san will come looking for Tsuzuki to scold him about his wasteful eating habits.

Yeah, my coworkers are definitely insane.

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