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Gravitation RP.

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Jul. 11th, 2005 | 01:48 pm
posted by: angrybee in oneshotrp

Character: Sakuma Ryuichi
Setting: Somewhere in NG, sometime during the rise of Bad Luck and after the reformation of Nittle Grasper.
Seeking: Any
Character Limit: Two more characters.
Rating: Up to R.
Genre: Any
Format: Third person, past tense.


Sakuma Ryuichi was looking cool. Sakuma Ryuichi was -always- looking cool. But, today he was looking especially cool because he had a new pair of sunglasses. Not only did he have a new pair of sunglasses, but Kumagoro had a new pair of sunglasses as well. Needless to say, both Ryuichi and Kumagoro had matching sunglasses.

Ryuichi was wearing his glasses INSIDE NG, because he was just that cool. Unfortunately, these glasses were very dark, and caused Ryuichi to become very lost on his way to the cafeteria to find pudding. Because of this, Ryuichi had decided to go up to everything he -thought- might be a person and ask them:

"Um, where's the pudding?"

He'd already asked a water fountain and a vending machine, and neither of them had any idea. Kumagoro suggested that Ryuichi just take the sunglasses off, but Ryuichi vetoed the idea. If he wasn't walking around with cool sunglasses, then today was just like any other day. And Ryuichi liked days that were full of adventure. And singing.

So, Ryuichi walked up to yet another object, and asked again.

"Where's the pudding?"

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《 √esse 》

(no subject)

from: innate
date: Jul. 23rd, 2005 01:31 am (UTC)

Noriko had certainly been hoping that her husband's face would suddenly appear, but she admitted that seeing her favorite vocalist pop up instead was not disappointing. Either him or Tohma were the next best thing, of course.

"Ryu-chan~!" she called in reply, steadying herself for the glomp that she knew was about to come. It was a good thing she knew how to balance perfectly in high heels, or it might have turned out to be a disaster! When Ryuichi flung his arms around her, she laughed, all tension temporarily melting away.

Although... "Sweetie pie, you're going to mess up my hair at this rate." She patted his shoulder and stepped back when he released her, allowing her to immediately pull out her compact and double check. Nope... It was fine. But if it had continued like that...

"So what are you up to, honey?" She snapped the compact shut and dropped it in her purse, ignoring as a passing employee gawked at the shattered cell phone not too far away. It had hit a wall.

"Isn't it lunch time? I thought you would be eating with Tohma. Or is he still working up in his office?" She wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

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